Bluebird Canyon Farms strives to be a community resource and to be recognized as a model of sustainable urban living.

Hobo Camp Bees


Insect pollination contributes significantly to the worldwide economy and is integral to food security keeping fruits, nuts and vegetables in our diet. Numerous crops grown in North America rely upon insect pollination and some crops, such as almonds, are almost exclusively pollinated by honeybees. In California alone honeybee pollination services is valued at nearly 5 billion dollars each year. The number of honeybee colonies in the United States has declined steadily during the past 50 years. This declination rate has accelerated, nearly doubling in the past decade as honeybees face numerous threats to their survival. The challenges facing bees and beekeepers are daunting and a multi-faceted approach is needed to strengthen honeybee habitat, improve hygiene and overall hive health and increase genetic diversity.

Hobo Camp Bees is a research apiary owned and managed by Bluebird Canyon Farms. Nestled within the coastal chaparral clad hills above the farm and surrounded by thousands of acres of open space, the apiary focuses on producing a hygienic, genetically diverse honeybee variant that is a hybridized cross between local feral varieties and certain domestic European strains. Cared for naturally, Hobo Camp honeybees support the farm by pollinating our fruiting plants and providing our local community with honey, wax and propolis. Hobo Camp apiary products are available in local farmers markets and in select local outlets.

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