Bluebird Canyon Farms strives to be a community resource and to be recognized as a model of sustainable urban living.

Growing Skills


The Growing Skills internship program offers occupational and life skills training  to qualified applicants in a farm setting.  The program is targeted toward young persons (18-26 years of age) and adults with developmental disabilities who are both under-represented in the workforce and often face increased obstacles to secure employment and other economic opportunities. It is the only program of its kind in the western United States.

In addition to growing food, modern farms require a variety of skills and trades necessary for them to operate efficiently. This makes them exceptional education and training locations.  The program goals, simply stated are to improve the stock of technical knowledge, work habits, and social skills for participating individuals. This will help participants to “grow independence”, gain or enhance specific job related skills, improve their ability to develop & sustain social networks and improve their overall outlook as effective and productive members of the labor force.

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