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Winter Rains Yield Honey Bounty

2016SpringHoneyApril 11, 2016    Although El Niño did not prove as dramatic as  weather pundits had predicted  the rains that fell this winter in Southern California came not a moment too soon.   The earth awoke from  a seemingly comatose slumber and the spring bloom of the coastal chaparral draping the hills surrounding the farm is the most vibrant and prolific we have witnessed in nearly five years.  Hobo Camp is buzzing with activity and “our bees are the most productive we have seen in quite some time” according to Farm and Garden Coordinator Connor Dorais.  Simply put our apiary is thriving and in the full flush of its productivity.  Our workers, needless to say, have been extremely busy in the apiary making “nuc” boxes, cloning queens, producing hive “splits” and harvesting honey.   We are grateful for the largesse created from this winter’s rain and look forward to enjoying and sharing the bounty of our unique coastal chaparral honey. Contact us at to learn more about Hobo Camp Bees.

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On Apr 13, 2016

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