Bluebird Canyon Farms strives to be a community resource and to be recognized as a model of sustainable urban living.

Water Savers – Using Less and Running Clean

KeepCalm&SaveWaterOctober 11, 2015 – Water conservation efforts at Bluebird Canyon Farms continues to perform strongly according to official records from the Laguna Beach County Water District.  Year on year water usage has declined by more than 20% relative to 2014, and monthly water usage during the first ten months of 2015 has consistently measured less than 30% of the site’s water budget.  “This strong performance can be attributed to several factors,” according to Facility Coordinator Erick Santiago, “and include extensive use of endemic native vegetation in areas not being cultivated, installation of a sophisticated smart irrigation system, and use of water harvesting processes that can capture and reuse water that normally would be wasted.” Santiago also points to numerous “best practice” stormwater management systems the farm has installed onsite, including bioswales which clean and polish runoff before it leaves the site.  “This allows us to do our part in protecting Laguna’s Bluebelt just downstream,” he says. Contact to learn more.

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On Oct 11, 2015

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