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SmartScape Expo

September 23, 2016 – Bluebird Canyon Farms is proud to sponsor the Laguna Beach County Water District’s (“LBCWD’s”) annual SmartScape Expo event to be held this Saturday, September 24th, from 8 am to 3 pm, at the District’s Headquarters located at 306 3rd Street in the Village of Laguna Beach.  The event will showcase various water and resource conservation practices, offer free planting demonstrations and workshops and is an outstanding opportunity for individuals to meet and greet various professionals who can help them do more with less.  With the Great Western Drought still looming large, California remains in the throes of a very serious water emergency.  Responsible stewardship of our land and resources is everyone’s obligation.  By adopting smart landscape solutions individuals and businesses can help resource agencies, like LBCWD, meet consumption targets, while simultaneously ensuring the health and vigor of their landscape investments. Smart landscape management is a holistic practice that considers many factors including soil health and tailoring water delivery to meet specific plant needs under different environmental conditions.  It is not enough to simply walk back water consumption rates and expect our plants and trees to thrive.  Stop by and check out the various demonstrations, speak with design professionals to receive free consultations and take advantage of exciting rebate offers.  Be sure to visit the Bluebird Canyon Farms booth to hear about the exciting things going on at the farm and at our other projects. Contact to learn more.

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On Sep 23, 2016

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