Bluebird Canyon Farms strives to be a community resource and to be recognized as a model of sustainable urban living.

Laguna Beach, California

laguna-beachLocated about 50 miles south of Los Angeles, Laguna Beach is a spectacular seaside village set within the San Joaquin Hills, which roll down to the coastline from elevations exceeding 1000’ above the sea. Blessed with some of the of the finest beaches in the United States, where California surf culture was born, and surrounded by the tens of thousands of acres of pristine coastal wilderness, Laguna Beach is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream. The village remains an important cultural center, which hosts numerous art festivals, supports a rich repertory theatre tradition and boasts many unique galleries within its confines. Its artistic heritage dates from the 19th century, when the California Impressionist Movement established a “Plein Aire” art colony, which evolved into a renowned artistic center. Visitors, art collectors and residents alike all enjoy strolling through the quaint streets of the village, visiting art galleries, enjoying numerous fine restaurants or stopping in at a favorite watering hole. Laguna Beach boasts a vibrant economy, a solid public school system and a deeply engaged and active citizenry who support a transitional town organization, which focuses efforts on promoting resource sustainability.

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