Bluebird Canyon Farms strives to be a community resource and to be recognized as a model of sustainable urban living.

Design Services

Planning & Development
We create value by improving land and aquatic resources and developing agricultural projects that provide for individual and community needs. Learn More
Design & Fabrication
A small workshop staffed by the Bluebird Canyon Collective, a cooperative guild of artisans and craftsman, is maintained on site. Learn More
Laguna Urban Lumber Cooperative
This design project salvages materials normally destined for the chipper or landfill and re-purposes them into value added products such as indoor and outdoor furnishings, art objects, accessories and equipment/tools. Learn More
Blossom Ranch
Blossom Ranch is a 1,000 acre (+/-) operating, educational ranch located in the foothills of the Southern Sierra Nevada Mountains near the boundary of Sequoia National Park in Central California. Learn More
Green Top – Living Roof Systems
Green Top is a living or green roof planning, design and installation project sponsored by Bluebird Canyon Farms. Learn More
Regenerative Landscaping & Ecological Restoration
Our team provides design, permitting and turn-key restoration services to address erosion issues and improve land. Learn More