Bluebird Canyon Farms strives to be a community resource and to be recognized as a model of sustainable urban living.

Food For Thought

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The Coyote Conundrum by Troy Alexander Thompson
As you make your way along the ever-winding Bluebird Canyon Drive, two yellow signs bring your attention to matters concerning nature and wildlife. One sign displays a deer crossing the road, a gentle warning to be mindful of these docile creatures who roam freely throughout the canyon. The other sign is a warning of another kind — “COYOTE ALERT,” it states, in bold, capital letters. It’s there not to invoke fear, but to suggest that neighbors be watchful. Occupying a biological niche between its smaller and larger cousins, the fox and the wolf, Coyotes are a member of the Canidae... Read more
Introducing Our Newest Wordsmith by Justine Amodeo
Our “Food For Thought” dialogue is a unique landing spot for news, thoughts, events, research and interaction with Bluebird Canyon Farms. While guest writers will contribute to this forum, our main contributor will be Troy Thompson, a participant in the farm’s Growing Skills program. Thompson is a remarkable 25-year-old writer /artist/musician who was diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis II at an early age. Over time he lost his ability to hear and became visually impaired but his mind, as you’ll see from his writing, is as sharp as a tack. The team at the farm communicates with Troy through his iPad (thank... Read more